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Hydroracer.net (USA)
North American wide outboard racing forum
Outboard Racing Canada (CANADA)
Mostly Ontario CBF racers
Boat Racing Facts.com (USA)
Ron Hill and Ted March's message forum      


Toronto Outboard Racing Club Inc. - TORC 
You Are Here!
Canada's largest stock outboard racing club. Nice newsletter.
The World
Badger State Outboard Association
Wisconsin based APBA club.
Classic Boat Race (SWEDEN)
Outboard Hydroplane Racing from Sweden
Eastern Outboard Racing Club (USA)
Long Island based club Stock Outboard club.
Fisher's Landing Outboard Racing Club (USA)
Fast growing club for Stocks and antiques in upstate New York.
Highland Outboard Association (USA)
Great site by John Schutzenhoffer, it's a Florida based club.  Source for AOF Newsletter and Classified section too.  Lots of links.
Indiana Outboard Association (USA)
A mostly Modified outboard club.
Lowestoft & Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club (UK)
Nice site.  Outboard racing of many levels.
Michigan Hydroplane Racing Association (USA)
APBA club that hosts several races for Stock Outboard racing
Midlands Powerboat Racing Club (UK)
British outboard racing club covering hydro and tunnel boats.
Seattle Outboard Association (USA)
Very well maintained site. Lots of information.
Southern California Speedboat Club (USA)
Site covers many types of racing boats.
State Line Outboard Racing Association (USA)
Idaho base club running events there and in Washington
Stewartby Water Sports Club Ltd. (UK)
Club that runs Outboard races about 50 miles from London
Three Rivers Outboard Racing Association (USA)
Great club hosting races in Ohio and Pennsylvania areas.
US Title Series (USA)
Info on this Pro Outboard division race series. 
Yamato Outboard Racing Australia (AUSTRALIA)
These guys are trying to bring back the popularity of the Yamato to Aust.


Sanction Bodies/Organizations

American Outboard Federation - AOF (USA)
Outboard racing group spreading across the USA
        American Outboard Federation - AOF @ Yahoo Clubs (USA)
Outboard racing group spreading across the USA
American Power Boat Association - APBA (USA)
UIM Sanctioning body for the USA. Inboards, Outboards, Unlimiteds, PWC, Inflatables and Jet Boats
        Pro Outboard Category  
Page about the Pro racing division of the APBA
        Region 4 Racing - Hydroracer.net
          All the info on racing in the south east    
        Region 5 Racing
A site put together by the AOF and APBA racers of region 5
        Region 11 Racing 
Created to promote APBA racing in the west.
        APBA - Rescue Association  
Page about the rescue teams of the APBA
        APBA - Stock Outboard Racing
Page about the Stock Outboard division of the APBA
Australian Power Boat Association (AUSTRALIA)
Info on racing down under.
Canadian Boating Federation - CBF (CANADA)
UIM Sanctioning body for Canada.  Inboards, Outboards, Unlimiteds and Jet Boats
Royal Yachting Association - Powerboat Division (UK)
RYA is a large organization from in England.  Covers everything from sailing to offshore to small outbaords
Swedish Powerboat Association  (SWEDEN)
UIM Sanctioning body for Sweden.  Outboards small to large.
UIM Home Page (MONACO)
The world sanctioning body for power boat racing.
Info on the UIM classes 0-125, 0-250 and OSY400
        Down! Formula500.org
Info on the UIM classes 0-500cc and 0-700cc.



2003 Canadian Nationals, Stock and Modified, Long Sault, Ontario (CANADA)
Info about this years Nationals Championships.
NEW! Dayton Record Runs (USA)
Info on this history race and a preview to the 2005 Stock Outboard Nationals site.
Top'O Michigan Marathon Nationals (USA)
Info about the largest Stock Outboard marathon race in North America.


Team Pages

TORC Members and other Stock, Mod or Pro sites.

NEW Location! Gang Green Racing Team  (CANADA) - The Fralick Boats A.S.H. Team!
#4 - Andrew Fralick of Brampton, Ontario competes in the ASR and ASH classes
Barely Riggid Racing (USA)
#99F - Baxter Lusink's CSH racing team from Florida.
Chinewalker's Place (USA)
#112N - Scott Smith of upstate New York.  Stock Outboards and Miniture Outboards.
Flag Jumper Racing (USA)
#33M - Mike Jodway of Michigan, Stock Outboard Racer.
Gumbo Racing (FINLAND)
Thomas Martenson sent us this site... it was working but was down at time of publishing
Kants Racing Team (CANADA)
#83 - TORC member Blair Kants SST-60 team page
Parker Racing (USA)
#29T - CSH, CMH, Dan Parker of Texas and his racing endeavors.
Rose Point Racing Team (CANADA)
#41, Dean Bowes and crew race SST-60 and are from Charlton, Ontario.
Team Old Driver (ITALY?)
Pro Racing team from Italy I think..  English page in the works
Team Lucas (GERMANY)
OSY400 Team from Traben-Tarbach Germany
Team Spooky Racing (USA)
Kerry Smith of Roswell Georgia home page.
Tommy Wahlsten Racing (SWEDEN)
Pro Class team website.  Nice site.
Yankee Racing (USA)
Three generations of racers.


Companies and Safety Products

Fralick Boats (CANADA) You Are Here!
Computer drawn plans for outboard hydroplanes.
AFX Helmets (CANADA/USA) Fralick Boats is a dealer for all products!
Make of inexpensive Snell 2000 helmets ideal for boat racing.
Local retailer homepage: Fralick Boats
AGV Helmets (USA)
Makers of helmets and leather products like glove, and racing leather for asphalt sports.
Amsoil Inc (USA) Fralick Boats is a dealer for all products!
Loads of information on Amsoil Synthetic and Automotive Products.
Local retailer homepage: Fralick Boats
Arai Helmets (USA)
Said to be one of the best quality helmets in the world. Completely made in Japan.
Bell Helmets (USA)
Information about products, dealers and monthly specials.
Boyesen Reeds (USA)
Add a little safety or performance to your engine.
Environmental products and services to meet your clean up and emergency needs.
Champion Hot Rod Outboards (USA)
Manufacturer of purpose built Stock Outboard racing engines.
Engler Race Engines (USA)
Professional Outboard racing engine builder.
FHS Superior Racing Oil (USA)
Information about products and list of distributors.
Full Throttle Race Products (USA)
Makers of Kevlar racing suits and other accessories
HJC Products (HONG KONG)
Make reasonably priced helmets.
Leaf Racewear (CANADA)
For that professional racing look.
Lifeline Race Wear (USA)
Manufacturers of Kevlar suits, life jackets, uniforms and other boat racing apparel.
Click Here for Canadian Distributor/Retailer
Mercury Marine (USA)
Information about motors, racing, race schedules, new stuff.
Mercury Marine Racing (USA)
Information about the racing side of Mercury.
Noah's Marine Supplies (CANADA & USA) TORC Supporter!
Everything you need to build your own boat.
OMC/Bombardier/Johnson/Evinrude (USA)
Info on Johnson and Evinrude parts/accessories/dealers.
Race Images (USA)
Lots of accessories and nick nacks for boat races. 
Red Line Oil (USA)
Synthetic oil products.
Roostertails.net (USA)
Info on Pro, Vintage and other forms of boat racing.
Security Race Products (USA)
Manufacturers of Kevlar racing suits for Outboard racing and many other safety components.
Shoei Helmets (USA)
Makers of many types of high quality helmets.
Simpson Race Products (USA)
Makers of helmets and other racing safety equipment.
Snell Memorial Foundation (USA)
These are the people who test all helmets to racing safety standards.
Speedvision TV (USA)
The cable/satellite channel everyone needs!
SplitFire Spark Plugs (USA) Team Gang~Green Supporter!
Spark plugs, wires and other related products.
Wilcoxen Marine (USA)
Florida based Runabout builder, web site just starting.
Yamato (JAPAN)
Manufacturer of racing engines and boats for Kyo-Tie in Japan.
          Yamato UK (UK)
Official import of Yamato engines to the UK.  Lots of info here on Yamato's.


Personal Pages/E-zines/Publications

Boat Owner's World (USA)
A huge link listing for absolutely every form of boating from rowing to racing.
"J" Class Home Page (USA)
Amanda Hagerl's #4M, home page for the Universal "J" Class
"J" Class in Region 11  (USA)
A site put together by the "J" racers of APBA's region 11
John's Nautical & Boat Building Stuff (USA)
Loads of links and some info on general boat building.
The Mining Company - Powerboating Section (USA)
Search engine/E-zine, lots of links and some information.
Power Boating Canada Magazine (CANADA)
P.B. Canada Magazine On-line.
Powerboat Magazine (USA)
Powerboat Magazine On-line.
Race Boat Classifieds (UIM Countries)
Site for selling real racing boats & gear for countries racing under the UIM
Rocket Racing (UK)
Info on Junior Class racing in England.


Antiques and Collectibles

Antique and Classic Boat Society - Pacific North West Chapter (USA)
A look into the past
Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc (CAN & US)
Great contacts for restoring you old engines.
Grubb's Marine (USA)
Good source for old Merc outboard parts.
OutboardRacing.com (USA)
Page about past engines and racing.


Other Sites

Motorsports Hall of Fame - Powerboating Section (USA)
Pages about the legendary people in powerboat racing. 
rec.boats.racing.power (News Group)
Newsgroup for motor boat racing of all kinds.
Simple Tuned Pipe Designer Page (DENMARK?)
An neat page in Java that helps you design tuned pipes for Mod engines. 
World Water Speed Records (USA)
Listing of current and past records on the water.


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