Updated: 29/10/03

Why Try Stock Outboard Racing?

Stock Outboard racing is affordable, sanctioned, outboard powered boat racing with commercially available equipment running on pump gasoline. Safety is a foremost consideration. It is circle racing on a 1.25 mile oval with flying starts and a 12 boat maximum per heat. Hydroplanes and racing runabouts are you options with speeds from 55kph (35mph) to 125kph (80mph). This class diversity lets anyone participate from age 9, with an emphasis on family involvement. Stock Outboard Racing is unique because of the tight competition and camaraderie among participants.

Here's a sport which is very family oriented. It gives every member of the family an opportunity to participate and to work together as a team, as a builder, racer, crew member, or official. Boat racing is one of the least expensive motorized racing sports.

Building a boat is a great father and son project. We've even seen them built as mother daughter projects. It develops good interpersonal communication skills and manual skills which will last a life time.

Racing develops positive character, building self confidence and pride. Boat racing demonstrates to the youngster that hard work and perseverance is rewarded. Boat racers always have higher goals and seldom have idle time and as a result become stronger individuals. Boat racers seldom get into trouble of any kind.

Boat racing provides the chance to travel and to meet new people. Many racing sites allow family camping and camp fires. Some sites provide participant parties or barbecues. Boat racers are friendly, always willing to help with advice when asked or a helping hand when needed. Many life long friendships are developed through boat racing.

Remember, the family that plays together, stays together and are team players.

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