Updated: 29/10/03

What You Need

Many people ask what it costs to enjoy this wonderfully entertaining sport, so Andy Fralick of the Gang~Green Racing Team estimated what someone could spend as a minimum and what is needed as a minimum in a year of racing.  This would be for the "A" Stock Hydroplane class but would be close for most 2 cylinder classes.  Boat racers are very friendly and helpful, anything you don't have can usually be borrowed in seconds.

Note:  You only need to join one racing association.  CBF is in Canada and APBA is in the USA.  One card is good in both countries but to race in a Divisional's, National's or to establish records you must have the card for that sanctioning association. Before you can join these associations you must first join a member club.  TORC is a member of both associations.

Values in Canadian Dollars:  (multiply by 0.6 to get approx. US dollars)

A motor in this and many classes should last for several seasons before you should have to tear it down. An engine rebuild can range considerably from about $60 to $400 depending how many times it has been rebuilt already and what it needs.  Parts for many classes are just fishing engine parts making them easily available at your local marina.

Boats range in price from about $500 for one that needs some work to about $3500 for a brand new professionally built hull.  Many boats can be found in the $900 - $1600 dollar range that are in excellent shape and ready for racing.

What's in the "A" Stock Hydro Racer's tool box/trailer/car trunk?


  Required   Optional
Spare prop nuts, prop shear pins, boat drain plugs   X    
Duct tape, electrical tape, Loctite       X
Spare spark plugs       X
Shims, 1/16" to 1/2" thick, 2 each (for adjusting engine height)   X    
Engine height gauge       X
Engine angle gauge       X
Tachometer       X
Racing speedometer       X
Spark plug wrench   X    
Cut resistant glove for removing prop       X
Digital volt meter       X
Screw drivers, pliers, socket set, wrenches, hammer   X    
Flywheel puller       X
Boat stands (wooden horses) or home made/purchased boat cart   X    
Small paddle       X
Spare fuel jug (holding old/bad gas)       X
Cordless drill/saw/sander       X

All I can think of for now...


What's in the "A" Stock Hydro Racer's Garage?

Note: All of this is optional.  Reasonably priced boat/engine builders/repairers can do any work you don't feel like doing or have the necessary equipment to do.

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