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Since 1952



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Celebrating Over 50 Years of Racing!

One of the nice advantages of Boat Racing over other types of motor sports:

We are always at the water, not cooking on the asphalt at a kart track or picking dirt out of out teeth at the dirt bike course.  If we get dirty from engine work, don't worry, it's sure to get washed off in the first corner! :)

If you are looking for a grass roots, family involvement, inexpensive form of racing, look no further. 

What Is TORC?

The Toronto Outboard Racing Club Inc. (TORC) was established in 1952 and is a non-profit organization devoted to those people with an interest in boat racing. Our membership includes outboard racers, OPC racers, inboard racers, boat builders, antique boat/motor collectors and general boating enthusiasts. We also welcome marine accessory suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to the marine industry.  Members reside throughout North America, but the majority live between Ottawa and Windsor, Ontario.

The TORC is Building!

Stock Outboards are now very active in Ontario again with a summer long circuit being established over the last few years using many good sites in Ontario and in neighbouring U.S. states. Interest is very high in this inexpensive grass roots sport and numbers are growing rapidly. So team up with a friend and lets go racing!