Updated: 30/10/03

Some TORC Members In Action

#4, Andrew Fralick of Mississauga, Ont and #12 John Webster of Scarborough, Ont. (35K)
This is class "A" Stock Hydro (ASH) at TORC's Waterford, Ontario race, CBF and APBA sanctioned event.  Photo by: Chris Wrong
#09, Sherry Stevenson of Roseneath, ON.  (48K)
This is a class "A" Stock Hydro (ASH).  Sherry was the 2nd in CBF High Points in 2002, the person who beat her... her Father Glen! 
Some of the youngsters at Waterford, Ontario (48K)
#77P Allan Eckert, #14CE Heather Knox, #22 Dustin Ramsey in class "J" Stock Hydro.  Photo by Chris Wrong

#3, Matthew Arlt of Kingston, Ontario (22K)
Shown here racing Classic "B" Stock Hydro in his rookie year (1997 I believe) at Dunnville, Ontario.  TORC's largest race yet with 92 entries and growing!  Matt's supporters: Graves Engineering, ACT Racing.  Photo by: Andrew Fralick

Class "C" Stock Hydro (CSH), Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, APBA Sanctioned Event (71K)
CSH races are legendary here because of the "Dash For Cash" event.  First prize has reached over $2000 Cnd in recent years.  Photo by: Dave Hutchings

#4, Andrew Fralick of Mississauga, Ontario.  Class "A" Stock Runabout (ASR) (20K)
In the pack at the start line down at Albany, New York.  Andrew's supporters: Fralick Boats, SplitFire Spark Plugs, Loctite.  Photo by: Graham Fralick

#8CE Scott Knox of Mississauga, Ont.  Class "C" Stock Hydro (CSH) (40K)
Scott holds off the pack in CSH at Waterford, Ontario.  Photo by: Chris Wrong

Class 25 Super Stock Hydro (25SSH), Hinton, West Virginia, APBA Closed Course Nationals (16K)
Shown in this picture are #5CE Rob Dixon of Bowmanville Ontario, #61CE Tristan Andrew of Ottawa Ontario and #18M John Christie of Wixom Michigan.  Photo by: Andrew Fralick

Class 15 Super Stock Hydro (15SSH), Dunnville, Ontario, CBF/APBA Join Sanctioned Event (17K)
Shown here at the start line is the lead pack in the 15SSH class.  This class is growing rapidly in the upstate New York area and with a couple more guys locally, it will be a very competitive and exciting class.  Photo by: Chris Wrong

Class "A" Stock Runabout (ASR), Waterford, Ontario, CBF/APBA Joint Sanctioned Event  (62K)
Scott Knox #14CE of Mississauga heads into the turn with Terry Kerr of Michigan right on his side.  Photo by: Chris Wrong

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