Updated: 29/10/03

Commodore's Column

by John Knox (Past Commodore)

If you have a love to be on or near the water, Stock Outboard racing is for you. In Stock Outboard racing can you meet the need for competition and social interaction at a reasonable cost. Stock Outboard racing is an individual or family sport that offers the enthusiast the opportunity to compete against North America's best drivers on a weekly basis. Our racing is open to both sexes from ages 9 and up. The combined weight of a driver and their boat tends to determine what class they run in. This ensures good competition at all levels.

Most race sites offer camping and motel lodging. Most races are held on weekends and don't require you to take holidays or time away from work to attend. Safety equipment is mandatory and all measures are taken to ensure that all participants have a safe and enjoyable outing. You don't have to race to enjoy the mechanical or social aspects of our sport.

It is our intention to get together in the spring of 1998 to allow some of our newer drivers time in their new boats. I would welcome your attendance at that time to watch them having fun. This would also give you a better understanding of what is involved in our sport. Our Club is also planning on helping to man Canadian Boating Federation a displays of boats into the Toronto Boat Show and the London International Boat Show. We look forward to answering your questions, if you attend either of these two events.

For exact times and dates keep posted to this web site.

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